Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Silk predictions - the results

Luckily, my friend called me to tell me that he was feeling terribly unwell and so couldn't make our plans. I know this sounds particularly callous, but this meant I got to see Silk...

...and what a different show it is this time around. The whole show seems much darker, and the themes are more complex. There was also a lot more 'legal-talk', I feel sorry for people who haven't studied legal procedure.

Having said that, court room dramas are never perfect representations of the Law, but Silk gets much of it right. Well done them.

Last night I made some predictions about what might happen - let's see how I did.

1. Clive will fail, yet again, to gain the two magical letters he so desperately desires. We can't know this yet, let's wait til the end of the series.
2. One of the pupils will still be at Shoe Lane (probably Nick), the other will still be in the series but perhaps at another Set. Both gone! Incredible scenes. I still reckon we might see at least one of them again, though.
3. Martha obviously can't have a new pupil (as she's now a QC), and Clive will refuse to take a new pupil on. Looks about right so far.
4. Billy will get dodgier. Obviously. Done and done and done again. Silly, silly Billy.
5. Martha will, at some point, bite off more than she can chew and get absolutely hammered in a case. She'll come back stronger. It looks like Lady Macbeth is going to be her big rival in this one. Martha won today, but I'm sure there's still a big fall ahead.
6. Martha will find love. Clive won't. Poor Clive. Well, Lady Macbeth seems to have come on to her already, but Martha prefers boys. Let's see how that transpires. Clive and his new instructing solicitor George are getting well - the 'Fancy a quick ****. I mean drink. Drink' moment was priceless.
7. There will be a new baby-barrister. God knows who, or what they'll be like. No new baby-barrister, but we do have a new baby-clerk. Expect to see LOTS more of her. I reckon she's going to be remarkably competent.

Let's see how many of them are right come the end of the series.


  1. Darling, every woman, even those who prefer boys, can be swayed!!

  2. But Martha seems so incorruptible.

    1. There's a challenge for me right there!

    2. I never had you pegged as a fan of bright red lipstick.

  3. It would seem that there are many things you don't know about me...