Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Professional Conduct

I spend a lot of time in court. Not just on mini-pupillages and other organised visits. Ladyfemale lives within a 5 minute walk of both Tower Bridge Mags (insufferable place) and Southwark CC (sufferable), so I try to pop along as often as possible to watch the quality of the advocacy and to learn from those who actually do the job I want.

Sadly, I've picked up some bad habits.

Yesterday, in the Cross Examination Assessment, at one point I found the assessor staring daggers at me. I looked down at myself and realised I was leaning on my right elbow, slumped over the lectern, left hand deposited firmly in my pocket, as if I was some particularly arrogant silk of 30 years call. Sadly, for me, that means I lose at least one mark for a conduct violation - akin (apparently) to swigging from a bottle or displaying the 'triangle of shame' (your belly, apparently judges don't like to see too much of your shirt around your midriff - wear a waistcoat or do up your jacket).

Silly me.

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