Thursday, 5 July 2012

I owe you, dear readers, a tenner

BPTC results came out today. Considering how much I've moaned an whined in anticipation of failing, I feel quite embarrassed. You see, miraculously (and only God knows how) I managed to get an Outstanding.

In my last post I made the Internet a wager, stating that I'd failed civil. Obviously, I didn't, and apologise for my melodrama.

I will be at an undisclosed location at 7.04pm this evening. If you find me and ask for your tenner, I shall give it to you. At 7.05pm, all bets are off.

1 comment:

  1. amazing! Mine are coming up, can you pls give me some revision tips and advice about what you did. I read all the time but I dont seem to do well in exams. Would DIE if I got an outstanding, wont happen, but pls help. I have ethics on Monday, Im most worried about Opinion, Civil and Criminal..sigh