Friday, 24 February 2012

Qualifying Sessions (and watching your weight)

I have never been a person blessed with an Olympian physique. In fact, at times I am convinced that my most successful role at the Olympics would probably be 'crash mat' for the pole-vaulters.

I mean, I try to keep in shape, run regularly, that sort of thing, but it's definitely one of my more glaring faults.

I am not assisted, however, by the ancient requirement of 'Qualifying Sessions'. Historically, young barristers would train by attending dozens and dozens of dinners with experienced men-at-law and would hope to pick up a few crumbs of knowledge over port and cheese.

And that was it.


As a throwback to that far, far happier time, the Inns of Court still maintain the requirement of Qualifying Sessions:

In order to get Called to the Bar you have to attend 12 of the things. It is, quite literally, a requirement that you attend 12 three-course dinners while training for the Bar, or else you can not become a barrister.

(yes, I know that you can attend lectures an advocacy training and that sort of stuff, but the dinners are the fun bit)

So here I am, fighting against food addiction, low will power and less than advantageous genetics, being told that eating over-sized portions will make me a better barrister.

In the words of a solicitor friend of mine: 'You might be one of those lucky barristers who worry themselves thin'.

Here's hoping, eh?

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